Offering Diversity for Every Preference

Tibet Lhasa Lagari Hotel offers 7 room types, totaling 120 rooms, providing boutique Tibetan-style accommodations that are perfect for vacations and family trips.

The hotel's interior design adopts traditional Tibetan style, showcasing simplicity and durability with exquisite decorations in every detail. Each room is equipped with supremely comfortable bedding and high-end toiletries, ensuring the utmost indulgence for our esteemed guests.

To enhance your stay, each room is furnished with various facilities, including oxygen diffusion, to provide you with a more comfortable experience. Additionally, we offer complimentary mineral water, as well as humidifiers and 24-hour oxygen concentrators from "Yuyue," enhancing your comfort and relaxation throughout your journey. We have also thoughtfully prepared Rhodiola tea to help alleviate altitude sickness and travel fatigue, enabling you to fully enjoy your time with us.

For added convenience, we provide a self-service laundry room and offer dryer services to ensure your clothes remain clean and dry at all times.


Lagari Hotel Amazing Videos

In the following exciting videos, you will have the opportunity to appreciate various aspects of Lagari Hotel. From the hotel's facilities to its services, from its exterior to the rooms, we will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this beautiful Tibetan-style garden hotel.View all videos >>
Cozy Tibetan Family Rooms
Complimentary Shuttle Service
Professional Oxygen Supply System for High Altitudes
Free Tibetan-style Photoshoot